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Choosing Your Wedding Music

Ceremony and/or Reception Special Dances:

Click on the Weddings tab on the left side menu.  Select "Ceremony Music" and/or "Reception Special Dances, etc" and follow the instructions.  Remember, these are ONLY guidelines... for you can choose ANY song you so desire for any of the activities.

Dance Party Music:

     If you opt to choose "Dance Party" reception song hits, as well... click on the "Songs Lists" tab from the left side menu of any page.  The "Songs Lists" page provides categories from which to choose... i.e. Most Requested Hits, Hits of 2012, 70's, 80's, etc.  Click on any of the category "titles" you are interested in, and the resulting page will give you a guideline of hits from which to choose. 

In a "standard" 4-hour period, only 60 songs can be played (15 songs per hour at an average of 4 minutes per song).  We normally ASK that you choose about 20 of your VERY favorite "Dance Party Hits," thus leaving room for guest requests and for the DJ to "read the dance floor movement" to adjust to what music is moving the guests the most.

     So, all in all, you may opt to choose 20 Dance Party Hits plus all of your ceremony and special dance/activities songs (20+ in total).  We've found that this suggested "routine" provides the best mix for success.  However, this "routine" is VERY flexible to your personal desires.  Also remember that It is NOT mandatory to choose reception "Dance Party" songs, for it should not be a burden to you... but it is an option.  You may instead just generalize as to what genre of music you prefer.  You can also create a DO NOT PLAY list, if you so desire.

     You may choose your music as explained above, then email your selections to us by the Monday or Tuesday of the week of your wedding -- .  On the Wednesday or Thursday, we will create your play list ahead of time on our laptop computer.  As we are doing so, we are "pulling" from our existing DJ song database.  If there are any songs we may not already have, we then have time to obtain them.  We ALWAYS arrive at your wedding with 100% of all requested music!




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