Swamp Pop - Top DJ                
Rank   Artist    Title   Rank    Artist    Title
1 Aaron Foret  Baby Doll   200 Foret Tradition  Don t You Feel Like Crying
2 Aaron Neville  Louisiana 1927   201 Foret Tradition  Go On Fool
3 Aaron Neville  Tell It Like It Is   202 Foret Tradition  Hey Good Lookin
4 Aaron Neville  The Grand Tour   203 Foret Tradition  Honky Tonk Woman
5 Ben E King  Stand By Me   204 Foret Tradition  In The Still Of The Night
6 Billy Joe Royal  Boardwalk Angel   205 Foret Tradition  Mustang Sally
7 Billy Joe Royal  Burned Like a Rocket   206 Foret Tradition  On The Big Bayou
8 Billy Joe Royal  I Miss You Already   207 Foret Tradition  The Tears Are Falling
9 Billy Joe Royal  I'll Pin a Note on Your Pillow   208 Foret Tradition  Today I Started Loving You Again
10 Billy Joe Royal  It Keeps Right on Hurtin'   209 Foret Tradition  Unchanined Melody
11 Billy Joe Royal  Love Has No Right   210 Foret Tradition  Whiskey Heaven
12 Billy Joe Royal  Old Bridges Burn Slow   211 Foret Tradtion  Your Love s So Warm and Tender
13 Billy Joe Royal  Out of Sight and on My Mind   212 Four Tops  Sugar Pie Honeybunch
14 Billy Joe Royal  Tell It Like It Is   213 Freddie Fender  Before The Next Teardrop Falls
15 Billy Joe Royal  Till I Can't Take It Anymore   214 Freddie Fender  Wasted Days and Wasted Nights
16 Boogie Kings  A Change Is Gonna Come   215 Gary T  Cold Cold Heart
17 Boogie Kings  Boil The Crawfish   216 Gary T & Southern Breeze  Angel In My Life
18 Boogie Kings  Ca Fait Chaud   217 Gary T & Southern Breeze  Anna
19 Boogie Kings  Cherry Pie   218 Gary T & Southern Breeze  Blue Darlin
20 Boogie Kings  Don't Take It So Hard   219 Gary T & Southern Breeze  Cold Cold Heart
21 Boogie Kings  Eight Nights A Week   220 Gary T & Southern Breeze  Fannie Mae
22 Boogie Kings  Hey Baby   221 Gary T & Southern Breeze  I Can See Clearly Now
23 Boogie Kings  I Got Loaded   222 Gary T & Southern Breeze  Mountain Of Love
24 Boogie Kings  I'll Take You There   223 Gary T & Southern Breeze  Que Est Ce Que Jai Fait
25 Boogie Kings  I'm Leavin' It All Up To You   224 Gary T & Southern Breeze  Rip It Up
26 Boogie Kings  I'm Not A Fool Anymore   225 Gary T & Southern Breeze  Tell Me What I Can Do
27 Boogie Kings  I'm Your Puppet   226 Gary T & Southern Breeze  You Win Again
28 Boogie Kings  It's Rainin'   227 James Brown  Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
29 Boogie Kings  Kidnapper   228 Jay Randall  Cherry Pie
30 Boogie Kings  Madame Rene   229 Jimmy Clanton  Just A Dream
31 Boogie Kings  Mary Ann   230 Joe Simon  You Keep Me Hangin' On
32 Boogie Kings  Mathilda   231 Johnnie Allan  Promised Land
33 Boogie Kings  Ooh-Poo-Pah-Do, Money, Ya Ya   232 Johnnie Allan  Your Picture
34 Boogie Kings  Mustang Sally   233 Kenny Fife  Fool
35 Boogie Kings  No More Troubles   234 Kenny Fife  Good For The Goose
36 Boogie Kings  Opelousas Sostan   235 Kenny Fife  Harry Hippy
37 Boogie Kings  Out Of Left Field   236 Kenny Fife  Holy Cow
38 Boogie Kings  Promised Land   237 Kenny Fife  I Guess I Showed Her
39 Boogie Kings  Rainbow   238 Kenny Fife  If You Were Mine
40 Boogie Kings  Red, Red Wine   239 Kenny Fife  It Aint Real
41 Boogie Kings  Soul Man   240 Kenny Fife  It Ain't Real
42 Boogie Kings  Sweet Dreams   241 Kenny Fife  Mister Sandman
43 Boogie Kings  The Cajun Twist   242 Kenny Fife  Never Can Tell
44 Boogie Kings  This Should Go On Forever   243 Kenny Fife  Never Say Never
45 Boogie Kings  Two Steps From The Blues   244 Kenny Fife  Oh Darlin'
46 Boogie Kings  Walkin' The Dog   245 Kenny Fife  Pledging My Love
47 Boogie Kings  You Got Me Hummin'   246 Kenny Fife  Shama Lama
48 Boogie Kings (Duane Yates)  Can't Turn You Loose   247 Kenny Fife  Shame
49 Boogie Kings (Duane Yates)  Day Tripper Girl   248 Kenny Fife  Sick And Tired
50 Boogie Kings (Duane Yates)  I've Been Loving You Too Long   249 Kenny Fife  Take A Letter Maria
51 Boogie Kings (Duane Yates)  My Lover's Prayer   250 Kenny Fife  Too Late To Turn Back
52 Boogie Kings (Duane Yates)  Respect   251 Kenny Fife  Whiter Shade Of Pale
53 Boogie Kings (Duane Yates)  Sad Sad Song   252 Kenny Fife  Yes In Deed
54 Boogie Kings (Duane Yates)  Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay   253 Kenny Fife  Youll Lose A Good Thing
55 Boogie Kings (Duane Yates)  Try A Little Tenderness   254 Kenny Fife  You'll Lose A Good Thing
56 Boogie Kings (Duane Yates)  Yesterday   255 Kenny Fife  Your Love Amazes Me
57 Champs  Tequila(TL)   256 Martha Reeves  Dancing In The Street
58 Charles Mann  All That's Left For Me Is Right   257 Mickey Gilley  Talk To Me
59 Charles Mann  Borderline   258 Percy Sledge  Baby Help Me
60 Charles Mann  Don't Tell Me, Tell My Heart   259 Percy Sledge  Come Softly To Me
61 Charles Mann  From A Jack To A King   260 Percy Sledge  Cover Me
62 Charles Mann  I'm Just A Wondering   261 Percy Sledge  Cover Me
63 Charles Mann  I've Got Dreams To Remember   262 Percy Sledge  It Tears Me Up
64 Charles Mann  Keep Your Arms Around Me   263 Percy Sledge  It's All Wrong But Its Alright
65 Charles Mann  Mama Mama   264 Percy Sledge  Just Out Of Reach
66 Charles Mann  My Life Is A Lonely One   265 Percy Sledge  Just Out Of Reach
67 Charles Mann  Pretty Poison   266 Percy Sledge  Love Me Tender
68 Charles Mann  Red Red Wine   267 Percy Sledge  My Special Prayer
69 Charles Mann  Red Red Wine   268 Percy Sledge  My Special Prayer
70 Charles Mann  She's My Kind Of Girl   269 Percy Sledge  Out Of Left Field
71 Charles Mann  She's Walking Toward Me   270 Percy Sledge  Put A Little Lovin' On Me
72 Charles Mann  Tomorrow Never Comes   271 Percy Sledge  Sudden Stop
73 Charles Mann  Walk Of Life   272 Percy Sledge  Take Time To Know Her
74 Charles Mann  You're No Longer Mine   273 Percy Sledge  Take Time To Know Her
75 Clint West  A Tear Fell   274 Percy Sledge  Tell It Like It Is
76 Clint West  Another Saturday Night   275 Percy Sledge  That's How Strong My Love Is
77 Clint West  Bayou Pon Bon   276 Percy Sledge  The Dark End Of The Street
78 Clint West  Big Blue Diamonds   277 Percy Sledge  Try A Little Tenderness
79 Clint West  Big Blue Diamonds   278 Percy Sledge  Warm and Tender Love
80 Clint West  Dark   279 Percy Sledge  Warm And tender Love
81 Clint West  Here Comes My Baby   280 Percy Sledge  What Am I Living For
82 Clint West  Hi Heel Sneakers   281 Percy Sledge  When A Man Loves A Woman
83 Clint West  I'm Sorry Pillow   282 Percy Sledge  When A Man Loves A Woman
84 Clint West  It Keeps Right On A   283 Percy Sledge  You Really Got A Hold On Me
85 Clint West  It's No Use To Try   284 Percy Sledge  You're All Around Me
86 Clint West  Lover Blues   285 Percy Sledge  ... Pouring Water On A Drowning Man
87 Clint West  Mathilda   286 Phil Phillips  Sea Of Love
88 Clint West  Mr   287 Procol Harum  A Whiter Shade Of Pale
89 Clint West  Our Love   288 Rockin' Dopsie  Hot Tamale Baby (House Mix)
90 Clint West  Shelly's Winter Love   289 Rockin' Dopsie  Hot Tamale Baby
91 Clint West  Sweet Suzannah   290 Rockin' Dopsie  I'm Coming Home
92 Clint West  Take A Ride   291 Rockin' Dopsie  Let The Good Times Roll
93 Clint West  Teardrops In My Eyes   292 Rockin' Dopsie  Love The One You're With
94 Clint West  The Twelfth Of Never   293 Rockin' Dopsie  Rock Me, Baby
95 Clint West  Try Me   294 Rockin' Dopsie  The Washboard Man
96 Clint West  When My Heart Hurts No More   295 Rockin' Dopsie  There Is Something On Your Mind
97 Clint West & Tommy McClain  Try To Find Another Man   296 Rockin' Dopsie  They All Ask'd For You
98 Cookie & Cupcakes  Belinda   297 Rockin' Dopsie  Turn Up The Zydeco
99 Cookie & Cupcakes  Betty & Dupreee   298 Rockin' Dopsie  Zydeco Boogaloo
100 Cookie & Cupcakes  Breaking Up Is Hard To Do   299 Rockin' Dopsie  Zydeco Party
101 Cookie & Cupcakes  Charged With Cheating   300 Rockin' Dopsie  Zydeco People
102 Cookie & Cupcakes  Even Though   301 Rockin' Sidney  My Toot Toot
103 Cookie & Cupcakes  Feel So Good   302 Rod Bernard  Colinda
104 Cookie & Cupcakes  Got You On My Mind   303 Roland Stone  Every Dog Has Its Day
105 Cookie & Cupcakes  Got You On My Mind   304 Roland Stone  Go On Foot
106 Cookie & Cupcakes  Honey Hush   305 Roland Stone  Honky Tonk Woman
107 Cookie & Cupcakes  I Almost Lost My Mind   306 Roland Stone  Is It A Dream
108 Cookie & Cupcakes  I Cried   307 Roland Stone  Just A Moment
109 Cookie & Cupcakes  I've Been So Lonely   308 Roland Stone  Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
110 Cookie & Cupcakes  Just One Kiss   309 Roland Stone  Sick And Tired
111 Cookie & Cupcakes  Long Time Ago   310 Roland Stone  Waiting At The Station
112 Cookie & Cupcakes  Mathilda   311 Roland Stone  Ya Ya
113 Cookie & Cupcakes  Sea Of Love   312 Roland Stone  You Cheated
114 Cookie & Cupcakes  Shake 'Em Up   313 Ron Guidry  Alligator Annie
115 Cookie & Cupcakes  The Duck   314 Ron Guidry  Boulin Day
116 Cookie & Cupcakes  The Peanut   315 Ron Guidry  Cajun Man
117 Cookie & Cupcakes  Trouble In My Life   316 Ron Guidry  Crawfish Crawdads etc
118 Cookie & Cupcakes  Walking Down The Aisle   317 Ron Guidry  Honky Tonkin LA Style
119 Cypress City  Cajun Rap Song   318 Ron Guidry  Jambalia
120 Damon Troy  If That's All It Takes   319 Ron Guidry  Jolie Blen
121 Damon Troy  Little Girl Next Door   320 Ron Guidry  Louisiana Man
122 Deuce Of Hearts  Be Only Mine   321 Ron Guidry  Mud Bug Boogie
123 Deuce Of Hearts  Best Day Of Your Life   322 Ron Guidry  No Room To Dance
124 Deuce Of Hearts  Good Golly Miss Molly   323 Ron Guidry  Proud To Be A Cajun
125 Deuce Of Hearts  Guess Again, It's Me   324 Ron Guidry  Walkin In The Woods With My Paran
126 Deuce Of Hearts  Hurt   325 Sam & Dave …Something Is Wrong With My Baby
127 Deuce Of Hearts  I Should Have Never Fell In Love   326 The Cupcakes  Betty & Dupree
128 Deuce Of Hearts  I Told My Pillow   327 T K Hulin  Alligator Bayou
129 Deuce Of Hearts  I'm Hurtin'   328 T K Hulin  American Trilogy
130 Deuce Of Hearts  In My Arms   329 T K Hulin  Can't Turn You Loose
131 Deuce Of Hearts  Oh! What A Night   330 T K Hulin  Graduation Night
132 Deuce Of Hearts  Ring Ring (That Phone Again)   331 T K Hulin  Harlem Shuffle
133 Deuce Of Hearts  Southern Girls   332 T K Hulin  I'm Ashamed Enough To Die
134 Deuce Of Hearts  Take My Hand   333 T K Hulin  I'm Not A Fool Anymore
135 Deuce Of Hearts  Talk To Me In Heaven   334 T K Hulin  Knock On Wood
136 Deuce Of Hearts  Time and Time Again   335 T K Hulin  Love Look What You've Done To Me
137 Deuce Of Hearts  What Do You Think A Heart Is For   336 T K Hulin  Mellow Moonlight
138 Deuce Of Hearts  You've Got To Be Happy For You   337 T K Hulin  Mr Pitiful
139 Don Rich  634 5789   338 T K Hulin  Shake
140 Don Rich  A Lonely Christmas   339 T K Hulin  Zydeco Song
141 Don Rich  Baby Dolls   340 The Drifters  Dream Lover
142 Don Rich  Beaux Beaux In My Head   341 The Drifters  In The Still Of The Night(TL)
143 Don Rich  Boney Maronie   342 The Drifters  Save The Last Dance For Me
144 Don Rich  C C Rider   343 The Drifters  Save The Last Dance For Me
145 Don Rich  Come Back To Me   344 The Neville Brothers  Iko Iko
146 Don Rich  Cry Foolish Heart   345 The Platters  Sixteen Candles(TL)
147 Don Rich  Don't Be Afraid Of Love   346 The Shirelles  Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
148 Don Rich  Dreams To Remember   347 The Uniques  All These Things
149 Don Rich  Green Eyed Lady   348 The Uniques  All These Things
150 Don Rich  Have I Got Some News For You   349 Tommy McLain  Before I Grow Too Old
151 Don Rich  Hey Mom   350 Van Broussard  Baby Please
152 Don Rich  I Saw Her Standing There   351 Van Broussard  By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
153 Don Rich  If You Would Only Come Back Home   352 Van Broussard  Crazy Baby
154 Don Rich  I'll Drift Away   353 Van Broussard  Crying To See You
155 Don Rich  I'm A Fool To Care   354 Van Broussard  Everything's Gonna Be Alright
156 Don Rich  I'm Asking Forgiveness   355 Van Broussard  Feed The Flame
157 Don Rich  I'm Really Missing You   356 Van Broussard  Feed the Flame
158 Don Rich  In Love Again   357 Van Broussard  Feel So Good
159 Don Rich  It's Killing Me   358 Van Broussard  Got You On My Mind
160 Don Rich  Juke Box Songs   359 Van Broussard  Hold My Hand
161 Don Rich  Just A Dream   360 Van Broussard  Hot Nuts
162 Don Rich  Let's Try At Love Again   361 Van Broussard  I Got Loaded
163 Don Rich  Lil Bayou   362 Van Broussard  I'm Asking For Forgiveness
164 Don Rich  Lose The Blues   363 Van Broussard  In Real Life
165 Don Rich  Lucille   364 Van Broussard  Jambalaya
166 Don Rich  My Lover's Prayer   365 Van Broussard  Kidnapper
167 Don Rich  One More Broken Heart   366 Van Broussard  Lord, I Need Somebody Bad
168 Don Rich  Out Of My Mind   367 Van Broussard  Lost World For Love
169 Don Rich  Party Time   368 Van Broussard  Mathilda
170 Don Rich  Sad Songs   369 Van Broussard  Miss You So
171 Don Rich  Shed So Many Tears   370 Van Broussard  Mojo
172 Don Rich  Slip Away   371 Van Broussard  My Girl Across Town
173 Don Rich  Tennessee Blues   372 Van Broussard  My Ting A Ling
174 Don Rich  'Tit Bayou   373 Van Broussard  Old Time Rock & Roll
175 Don Rich  Wastin' Time   374 Van Broussard  Ooh Poo Pah Doo
176 Don Rich  What Went Wrong   375 Van Broussard  Please Say You're Fooling
177 Don Rich  Write Me A Letter   376 Van Broussard  Pledging my love
178 Don Rich  You Don't Miss Your Water   377 Van Broussard  Record Machine
179 Don Rich  You'll Be Too Late   378 Van Broussard  Red Red Wine
180 Fats Domino  Ain't That A Shame   379 Van Broussard  That's My Desire
181 Fats Domino  Before I Grow Too Old   380 Van Broussard  The Freeze
182 Fats Domino  Blue Monday   381 Van Broussard  Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
183 Fats Domino  Blueberry Hill(TL)   382 Van Broussard  To Love And Be Loved
184 Fats Domino  Hello Josephine   383 Van Broussard  When It Rains
185 Fats Domino  I Hear You Knocking   384 Van Broussard  Why Can't You
186 Fats Domino  I'm In Love Again   385 Van Broussard  Young Girls
187 Fats Domino  I'm Walkin   386 Van Broussard  Your Picture
188 Fats Domino  Jambalaya (On The Bayou)   387 Warren Storm  Lord, I Need Somebody Bad
189 Fats Domino  Kansas City   388 Wayne Toups  A Secret Love
190 Fats Domino  My Blue Heaven   389 Wayne Toups  Every Man Needs A Woman
191 Fats Domino  Red Sails In The Sunset   390 Wayne Toups  Going Back To Big Mamou
192 Fats Domino  Sick and Tired   391 Wayne Toups  Johnnie Can't Dance
193 Fats Domino  Walking To New Orleans   392 Wayne Toups  Let's Fall In Love (All Over Again)
194 Fats Domino  When The Saints Go Marching In   393 Wayne Toups  Oh What A Night
195 Fats Domino  Whole Lotta Lovin'   394 Wayne Toups  Sugar Bee
196 Fats Domino & Doug Kershaw  Don't Mess With My Toot Toot   395 Wayne Toups  Sweet Joline
197 Five Satins  In The Still Of The Night   396 Wayne Toups  Two Step Mamou
198 Floyd Brown  I Can't Sleep If I Can't Sleep With You   397 Wayne Toups  Zydecajun Train
199 Foret Tradition  Angel Eyes   398 Wayne Toups & B. Kings  I'm Not A Fool Anymore