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 SUMMARY: Top Metairie DJ uses a compact, yet EXTREMELY powerful, custom-built DJ system worth $10,000.  This system is very mobile and is incomparable to any in the state.  The speakers and horn drivers are made in Germany -- there are simply NONE better!  This system provides the smoothest sound imaginable, never "squawky."  (See photo below)

The high-frequency horns and speakers (subwoofers) handle up to 1500 Watts RMS of power!!  ... and our Crown XTI-6000 power amp delivers much more than that, yet weighs only 24 pounds.  The 15" subwoofers provide extremely low, clean, "chest-rattling" bass.  Lastly, we use a British-made studio quality Soundcraft 6-channel mixer, an extremely high-quality wireless handheld microphone, a Dell laptop with a 750GB hard drive, and an external USB digital-to-analog audio converter... WOW!!!


The following is a photo of our larger system.  It handles 2700 watts RMS, has four 15" woofers instead of two, use much larger/ higher-output horns, and is used primarily for EXTREMELY large venues or outdoor events with over 1,000 guests.  We do NOT CHARGE EXTRA for the larger system!!







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